Four Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Move To Senior Living

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Four Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Move To Senior Living

Dealing with the pandemic over the past several years has taken its toll on everyone, especially seniors. Fear and isolation had a major impact on quality of life in 2020 and 2021, and many people are taking time to reevaluate their current living situation, or that of their parents, and consider what changes they need to make if faced with an emergency in the future. That is why now IS the best time to move to senior living.

At Park Springs, we’ve spent this challenging season adapting, innovating, and engaging with Members to create a life plan community that enables them to thrive in all aspects of life–physically, socially, and emotionally. Here are four reasons we believe now may be the best time to make your move to Park Springs:

  1. The market is at an all-time high

In most areas of the country, the current real estate market has never been stronger for sellers. You don’t want to miss your chance to make the most of one of life’s biggest opportunities–the sale of your home. And with the future of the market so hard to predict, why worry when you can lock in your forever home at Park Springs now?

2. You don’t have to wait to enjoy life
If the pandemic has left you feeling tired of putting your life on hold, there’s no reason to wait any longer. A vibrant lifestyle awaits at Park Springs with over 50 Member-led clubs and special interest groups, diverse educational opportunities and events, six dining venues, and tons of options for sports, golf, and personal fitness. We believe this season of your life can be your most fulfilling with active days, life-long learning, and meaningful relationships.

  1. Your wellness is a priority

As one of the few adult communities with an on-site Wellness Center, you’ll have easy access to a full-time geriatrician and nurse practitioner so regular check-ups are convenient and effective. With staff who take a whole-person approach, you’ll have health care and wellness services fully integrated into your life to give you the upmost reassurance and convenience.

  1. You deserve peace of mind

Once you’re a Member of Park Springs, there’s no need to worry any longer about the costs and inconvenience of home maintenance or yard work. And with a built-in 24-hour support system of attentive staff for all your specific needs, it takes the burden off your children and other family members. The safety and security of our community also create additional peace of mind.

Ready to make the move now to senior living and explore your options? We can set up a personalized Zoom presentation to answer all questions or book an overnight stay and see Park Springs for yourself  Or you can even tell us what type of home you are interested in and we’ll shoot a video of it and email it to you. There is a wait list  for certain homes, such as our popular cottages and homes. So, be sure to book your virtual or in-person visit today.

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