Independent vs Assisted Living: What’s the difference?

Independent vs Assisted Living: What’s the difference?

Independent vs Assisted Living: What’s the difference?

Senior living can feel like a whole new world with its own language and unfamiliar rules. We want you to know that you’re not the only one who is confused when it comes to navigating this new landscape. And that’s why we are here to help.

One of the most important things to understand is the distinction between Assisted Living and Independent Living. Both options at Park Springs foster dignity, ease caregiver stress, and help our Members live longer, healthier lives.

Here’s what both Independent Living and Assisted Living at Park Springs offer our Members.

  • Maintenance-free living: Imagine never having to worry about expensive, time-consuming landscaping, housekeeping, repairs, and other maintenance chores inside and out. Both Independent Living and Assisted Living offer these benefits in well-maintained communities.
  • Social opportunities:  In addition to common areas for residents to enjoy time together, both offer group gatherings and a variety of dining venues. They’re great places to form strong relationships, especially for adults who live alone and feel isolated.  
  • Full-time activities director: There’s never a dull moment for Members in both of these areas with a full calendar of events and opportunities coordinated by our fun-loving activities director.
  • Safety and security: Both have 24-hour security or a locked gate and personal medical alert systems to aid Members in an emergency.
  • Finances made easy: Both include meals, services, and amenities in a monthly payment plan. In other words, no more complicated billing and finances.
  • Amenities within the community: Art studios, fitness centers, and prepared meals are just a few of the amenities you may find. In Independent Living, we have over 50 Member led clubs and activity groups.
  • Wellness Clinic: One welcome distinction at Park Springs is that both our Assisted Living and Independent Living Members enjoy access to comprehensive medical care without ever having to leave our campus through on onsite Wellness Clinic. Staffed by two full-time, board-certified Geriatricians and nurse practitioner, the Wellness Clinic is open five days a week and offers a multitude of services covering almost every aspect of health and wellness.
  • Home: Assisted Living offers private apartments and Independent Living has a variety houses, cottages, and Villas for you to choose from.
  • Cleaning: Attentive professionals keep your home clean and safe in both communities.


The Differences:

Daily Amenities and Services

Our Assisted Living communities are focused on providing Members an active, lively community with support available when and how they need it. Care in our River and Farm households offer more hands-on assistance while Club level is designed for more independent members. Members live in a household model of care with an expert team of Caregivers, Homemaker (personal chef), and Dietician dedicated to each one. Help is available 24/7 for basic life tasks, including bathing and grooming, daily decision-making, medical needs, medication management, planned activities, and other options that change with a Member’s needs.

Members in Assisted Living are empowered with engaging activities such as art therapy, sit and fit exercise, music in the courtyard, and Brain HQ––a brain fitness program to help seniors think faster, focus better, and remember more.

Independent Living is for active seniors looking for a vibrant community where they can enjoy fun amenities and great neighbors. Members live on their own but they have the support of our caring, experienced professionals who treat everyone like family. Throughout our campus, team members go out of their way to connect with Members on a daily basis so they can get to know each one and build a true relationship.

  • Diverse dining venues where friends and neighbors convene
  • State-of-the-art fitness center with individual trainers or group exercise classes
  • Over 50 Member-led clubs and interest groups from painting to politics
  • Access to 2 championship golf courses, walking trails, and kayaking
  • Herb garden, raised gardens for personal gardening, a greenhouse and pétanque court

Medical and Supportive Care

Assisted Living is a good alternative for people who are no longer able to live alone or tend to their basic needs, make good decisions on their own, or function without the help of loved ones. Assisted Living offers the additional support and security they need to thrive and find new purpose in life. We also have trained Navigators who assess Members as needed to help families decide what’s the best next step for their loved one’s aging journey.

In Independent Living, Members enjoy the freedom to focus on all the fun, fulfilling activities of life while our staff takes care of the chores they’d rather avoid. Imagine never standing on a ladder again!

Access to staff

In Assisted Living, our team is there to monitor and check in on Members. Although they don’t diagnose medical conditions, they stay in touch with Members to ensure they’re thriving. If a Member appears to need more help, staff may drop by more frequently or talk to their family. One of the primary benefits of Assisted Living is that it gives families peace of mind knowing that someone from our team is looking out for their loved one at all times.

For more information on how to choose the right option for you or your loved one, give us a call or stop by for a site visit. We can’t wait to help you write the next chapter of your life.

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