Martha’s Wall: An Peek Inside Members’ Rich Past

Martha’s Wall: An Peek Inside Members’ Rich Past

Martha's Wall Shares Insight into Her Rich Past

If you take a stroll down the corridors of Garden or Lake Memory Care Households at Park Springs, you can learn a lot about the members who live there. Martha, a member of the Lake Household, is most at home with her hands in potting soil, nurturing her passion. Displayed with love on Martha’s Wall is her well-deserved certification as a Georgia Master Gardener and her gardening hat.

Martha worked as both a photographer and a music teacher. She combined her love of music, teaching, and photography in the sixties and went on a whirlwind cross-country trip to a little music concert in Bethel and White Lake, New York called Woodstock. Her favorite camera proudly hangs on the wall, along with pictures of her at every stage of life.

The walls in the Garden and Lake Memory Care Households serve a double meaning. They help tell others Martha’s story and they also help Martha hang on to her rich past. Click here to learn more about Memory Care at Park Springs.

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